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You’re My Flower...Taireva 2010 Tim Mueller
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Go HERE to read more about the mbira and the traditional Shona song "Taireva"

I’m thinkin’ of wanderin’ and I’m wonderin’ where I might be tomorrow
I’ve misplaced my telephone and my Facebook zone well I can’t event borrow
But I’ve still got your brown eyes so cloudy skies won’t drag me down in sorrow
Cause no matter where I am in this fine land you’ll always be my flower
Oh oh oh you’re my flower
There hangin’ at Mesquite Creek with your aching feet and our eyes all filled with color
There dartin’ around our toes that lizard knows where to go to find some cover
Never seen so many rocks, so many rocks fill the boxes and still they’re overflowin’
Funny but that’s just how I feel when the love is real and the desert wind is blowin’
Oh oh oh you’re my flower
There beneath the railroad tracks lyin’ on our backs watching’ moonlight through the window
Gulls cryin’ their plaintiff sound while the wind blows ‘round and ‘round the shadows
There beneath the cozy down we are soft and warm and your breath is like a meadow
No matter where I be near rock or sea you’ll always be my flower
Oh oh oh you’re my flower

The Story:

Nel and I bought a used RV in 2011, and when we both retired from our day jobs, we took a three month trip aound the USA. Lotsa wonderful people, beautiful scenery, and amazing places. One of these was Death Valley.

We hiked and biked around among all the rocks, all the pretty rocks, so many rocks. I would pick up one or two every hike, soon there were way too many to keep. We've been back a few times. It's our Mother at her hottest, hot to the core.

We also visit the west coast from time to time. Once, way down there, we followed signs to the campground promising the best burgers on the California coast. The burgers were OK, but the best part was the ocean air, the gulls begging chips, the Coastal Express up there on the trestle above us, and my love there beside me. And no cell service...


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