That was one wild ride…and we’re not done yet!

Children of the sixties came of age as a powerful force. With free love, activism, and most of all music, we made noise…we changed the world. And we’re not stopping now!

Born in the middle of the last century, we played in our childhood during the 50’s, were transformed by the Beatles’ in the 60’s, fought for peace and freedom in the 70’s, fought for love in the 80’s, slogged through the 90’s, and finally woke in this new century, bringing all we have to make the world a better place… This is our generation’s story.
Together since 2011, this band of veteran players welcomes you aboard their Love Train as they ride though childhood, through the explosion of rock n roll and the turbulent years of protest, through falling in and out of love, and finally coming to grips with the accelerating passage of time and the change that still needs to come. With a mix of iconic covers and powerful new songs, expect to be caught up in the story, in the beat, in the power. STEEL WOOL Band music is genre fluid and spinning on the leading edges of funk, rock, folk and Zimbabwean mbira fusion - breathing fresh life into deep grooves cut by time and experience, bringing Acoustic Rock into the 21st century.
STEEL WOOL Band is available to play your event. The band is perfect for performances requiring short set up/festival rotation, or restrained volume settings suitable for wineries or other social events, or full on dance venues. Performances can be from 45 – 150 minutes in length as needed. STEEL WOOL Band can come with or without its own professional sound system and is capable of reinforcing sound from an intimate house concert to an outdoor setting of up to 500 customers. Sound files and videos available for streaming here. Contact for more information.
"STEEL WOOL is a band that offers an incredible amount of energy and authenticity. They straddle multiple musical genres and offer attendees a multitude of sounds that will surely get them moving and smiling. STEEL WOOL has been in regular rotation at KOCF for a number of years. Recently STEEL WOOL performed at our yearly fundraiser and brought a fantastic and enthusiastic crowd that not only supported STEEL WOOL, but the other artists as well. This is the true mark of an authentic fan base and a great band."
Andy Goldfinger, KOCF Radio, Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, Oregon

"Your band is really, really, really, really good. I enjoyed listening tremendously. You are tight and the music really grabs. Great melodies, lyrics, beat –it is all great." Dale VM


"I love this band. They play message music you can dance to. At an age when most songwriters have found the ink gone dry, Tim Mueller still has something to say. His acoustic guitar leads are unique and the rhythm section is impressive. Bassist T.R. Kelley is a local legend. Spend a night with STEEL WOOL and you’ll feel better for it."
Bob Fennessey, WOW Hall Publicist, Community Center for the Performing Arts, Eugene, OR

"STEEL WOOL brings acoustic music with high energy! Great harmonies! Excellent musicians! From the first note to the last, STEEL WOOL connected with the audience and kept them mesmerized and cheering. Everyone walking around the Eugene Saturday Market felt the rhythm and positive energy of STEEL WOOL."
Jimmy Haggard, Stage Manager, Eugene Saturday Market, the oldest continuous Saturday Market in the USA.

"The STEEL WOOL Band is one awesome band that will rock your socks off!! Full of original tunes and lots of good energy!! A delight to have them on my show."
Rockin' Rome KRVM 91.9 FM Eugene, Oregon

"Over my many years of stage booking and managing, STEEL WOOL has always been a favorite! I love working with them, and audiences love listening to them. Their original songs are beautiful, and their harmonies never fail to give those good goosebumps. They always bring their best to a gig with performances that are powerful yet playful, soulful and even silly sometimes, and always, always engaging and captivating. Do I sound like a fan? I am!"
Kim Still, former Stage Manager, Eugene Saturday Market, the oldest continuous Saturday Market in the USA

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"That was one wild ride…and we’re not done yet!" show






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