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- We stand with Standing Rock.
- We believe that we must protect our planet for the next seven generations
- We believe in the rights of individuals over corporations.

Harsh winter is upon the Water Protectors. They are staying because the struggle is not over. Soon there will be a new administation in the USA. The standing Rock movement is a peaceful, prayerful one. Please support it in meaningful ways.



Feel free to share or perform this song where and whenever.
Make your own video with the lyrics. Feel the Power!
We will need it...


Love is the Power

Tim Mueller (c)12-2016 with STEEL WOOL

Not gonna give in, Not gonna give up
Not gonna sit down, Not gonna let up
Gonna keep shouting out, Gonna keep holding on
Gonna keep standing up, Gonna keep loving strong
Love -------- is the power (A  --  A+)
Love -------- is the power
Rhythm break
We think we got it bad, we think our luck’s run out
We wanna run and hide, we wanna cry and pout
Rhythm break
C’mon get off the couch, There’s a lot we can do
Everybody now clap your hands, Time to change the mood
Rhythm break
Don’t matter if we’re rich or poor, Don’t matter of we’re black or white
In the city or the countryside, Everybody gotta do what’s right
Rhythm break
Protect the water we drink. Protect the air we breathe.
Protect all the people we love. Protect the birds and bees.
Yeah, I got your back. Oh, I'm on your side.
Hey, We do it right. No matter how rough the ride.
Chorus (repeat)



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working on a NEW CD in TraXide Studio, scheduled for late Spring release

April 1, 2017
The Brewstation, Cottage Grove
7:30-10:30pm no cover

May 6
White Bird Benefit starring
Baby Gramps & STEEL WOOL
HiFi Music Hall, evening

May 20
"20th for the 20th"
Dance Benefit celebrating
Kind Tree's 20th anniversay
Vet's Club Ballroom, 7-11

May 29, Memorial Day
Underground Pub, Yachats
Time TBA

June 2
Concert at Nehalem's
North Coast Recreation District
Performing Arts Theater

June 17
Elkton Butterfly Festival
15850 State Highway 38 W
Elkton, OR

June 23-25
TRK Double Nickel Festival

July 6 Pre-Fair
Oregon Country Fair
Elders Meet & Greet 6pm

August 5
A Kesey Square Benefit for
SquareOne Villages
5-9 PM

August 12
Eugene Saturday Market

August 17-21, SolarFest
Madras, Oregon
Set- 1:55 Friday the 18th

August 24-27
KindTree Family Camp
Siltcoos Lake all weekend

September 16
6-10pm Dinner included
Deadwood Community Center

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Elkton Butterfly Festival
The Undergound Pub & Grub, Yachats
the Brewstation, Cottage Grove
Alder Bistro, Yachats
the BeerGarden, Eugene
Emerald Empire HempFest
Eugene City Family Fun Night
Cafe Mundo, Newport, OR
Astoria Sunday Market
Rogue Valley in Astoria Pier 39
Prindell Creek Farm
Wildflower & Music Festival
Eugene Sunday Streets Events
Sixteen Tons Cafe
Cottage Grove Concerts in Bohemian Park
Holiday Market, Eugene
Wren Fiber Fair
Lowell Grange
Lane County Fair
Oregon Country Fair
Vet's Club, Eugene
Axe & Fiddle Public House
Dexter Lake 4th of July Festival
KLCC with Erik Alan
KRVM with Rockin Rome
KMUN, Astoria, with Todd
Sam Bonds Garage, Eugene
Teddy Bear Picnic
Autism Rocks Camp
Deadwood Community Center
Florence Event Center
Territorial Vineyards
Saturday Market, Eugene
TRK Festival


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