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Payee, Community Inclusion, and Mediation Services

GreyWolf Projects' Tim Mueller and Nel Applegate have extensive experience with people with developmental disabilities, especially autism. We can provide help with budgeting and spending discipline management, community inclusion and working with people with musical interests, behavioral and community support plans, person centered planning, private service coordination, facilitation and mediation. Working independently or with Full Access Brokerage, Mentor OREGON, Social Security, SSI, or other providers, we will come to you to help you:

  1. develop supports based on your needs
  2. work towards a career in music or the arts
  3. develop a budget plan and savings goals
  4. develop methods to help you track your expenses
  5. help you develop good habits to stick to your goals
  6. protect your confidentiality
  7. work with you bank to monitor your spending levels
  8. Provide community inclusion supports
  9. Assist in developing behavioral support plans
  10. facilitate or mediate team meetings

Rates are $24.00 per hour and up.
Tim Mueller PSW #754497

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Tim Mueller

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